Grand Chase Codes [October 2022] Free K-Ching, Equipment, Game Points & More

Do you want the latest active Grand Chase Codes? Which you can redeem to obtain a bunch of free in-game equipment, powerpoints, K-Ching, and a whole lot more? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Made by KOG Studios, Grand Chase is a brilliant MMO role-play fantasy game with a huge player base.

Grand Chase is a free-to-play, 2D side-scrolling MMORPG centers around the journey of the Grand Chase group, composed initially of Elesis, Lire, and Arme, who depart from their home region of Bermesiah to chase down the evil sorceress Kaze’aze who caused a full-scale civil war between the two kingdoms of Serdin and Kanavan.

Throughout your quest to reach your mission, you must collect an in-game currency known as GP or Game Points by either completing dungeon quests or PvP to acquire equipment and items.

That’s why today on JoinGames, we’ll be listing for you the latest working Grand Chase codes, as well as showing you how to redeem them properly.

Just follow along and you’ll learn where to get the latest and always active codes and how to successfully redeem them for a lot of in-game rewards such as free K-Ching, Game points, and more gear.

How To Redeem Grand Chase Codes 2022

By using these codes, you will be able to redeem multiple rewards and even get free K-ching, Game points, and lots of equipment. Just follow these simple steps to redeem For Honor codes:

  • Launch Grand Chase through whatever platform you use.
  • Copy one of the Grand Chase codes listed below, and paste it into the redemption field.
  • To finish, press the Enter key to apply the code and enjoy your in-game rewards.

Grand Chase Codes List [October 2022]

As you will soon find out below, we have listed all the available and active free promo codes that you can use in For Honor. You can quickly redeem them by following the step we mentioned earlier.

Active Grand Chase codes:

  • 744-NRY-264 → Redeem this code for a chance to get 800 GamePoints
  • 859-KUH-562 → Redeem this code for a chance to get 250 K-ching
  • 422-JKW-359 → Redeem this code for a chance to get a random Equipment set
  • C39-JEE-895 → Redeem this code for a chance to get 620 PowerPoints
  • 957-JHH-3K9 → Redeem this code for a chance to get a rare item

Expired Grand Chase Codes:

  • L̶R̶A̶-̶M̶E̶Q̶-̶A̶DV-
  • ̶R̶P̶X̶-̶C̶D̶B̶-̶14D-
  • ̶U̶A̶E̶-̶N̶M̶Z̶-̶XC-
  • ̶W̶N̶J̶-̶S̶Z̶Q̶-̶22H-
  • ̶L̶H̶D̶-̶F̶M̶E̶-̶A4-
  • ̶W̶C̶J̶-̶S̶Z̶X̶-̶XV-
  • ̶B̶T̶R̶-̶L̶X̶W̶-̶25V-
  • ̶Q̶J̶B̶-̶C̶H̶J̶-̶10Y-

Please note that Grand Chase codes are only redeemable for a very short window of time. Thus, you should hurry and redeem them as soon as possible.

Please also note that the codes listed above are case-sensitive. This means you should input them exactly as they are shown above, including any additional characters or upper and lower case letters.

Should any of the codes in this list cease to work, then please do not hesitate to notify us immediately via the comment section below, as doing so will help us make sure our list of codes is active and up to date.

Game Information

  • Title – Grand Chase
  • Publisher – KOG Studios
  • Genre – Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Fantasy
  • Platforms – Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS

So there you have it, the most recent and active Grand Chase codes list for this month. So go ahead, redeem them and enjoy your free rewards, you can share them with your friends so you all enjoy the game together.

While you’re at, you may want to add this page to your bookmarks so you can drop by another time and collect some newly released promo codes.

JoinGames Staff