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If one game lends itself to modifications by talented fans, it’s Grand Theft Auto 5 . San Andreas is a detailed world begging to be turned inside out by mods. Mods are not supported by Rockstar, but that doesn’t stop amateur developers from releasing a lot of them. We list all the best mods.

We first explain what mods are and how to install them for GTA 5.

What are GTA 5 mods?

A mod or modification is an adaptation of the programming code of a game. This mess can be used for good and bad purposes. The most common mod is the so-called ‘trainer’. This serves to easily cheat and make you immortal, for example.

Some mods are just cosmetic and make the game look better. Others introduce new gameplay elements or bring back content that the developer has hidden away. You can not think of it as crazy or someone has turned it into a mod.

However, games with an online component like GTA Online get grimmer when mods are used to cheat. That is why Rockstart is still disapproving of modifications.

Of course, you don’t need mods to have fun in GTA 5, you can do that with GTA 5 cheats too. Perfect for going all out in Los Santos!

How to install GTA 5 mods on PC?

While each mod is different and some have specific installation instructions, always install them in the Grand Theft Auto 5 folder. These can usually be found at location C: \ Program files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Grand Theft Auto V if you purchased the game through Steam or at location C: \ Program Files \ Epic Games \ GTAV if you purchased the game through bought the Epic Game Store. Either way, if you see GTAV.exe, you’re good.

However, always read the additional instructions carefully, as some mods require the installation of an additional script or previous modification.

The same reading advice applies to the control of the mods. Usually, the buttons are fixed and you cannot adjust them in a menu. The key functions can usually be found in the documentation or on the linked download page of the mod.

Why is the GTA 5 mod not working?

This is usually due to two problems: an incorrect installation or an outdated version. So we cannot repeat it enough to carefully read the enclosed instructions.

Rockstar is constantly releasing updates for Grand Theft Auto 5. This suddenly stops certain mods from working. So always make sure you download the latest version of the mod.

Do mods work in GTA Online?

Never use mods for GTA Online. You will be irrevocably banned. Rockstar is very strict and will not hesitate to close your account at the slightest irregularity. Gamers who only have cosmetic mods installed can be banned.

So never use mods when playing GTA Online and always at your own risk!

Which mods are covered here?

We follow the modders community closely and make a list of the best mods of the past week every weekend. The modifications we discuss are only for the single-player and cannot be used to cheat online. Like Rockstar, we believe in an online world without cheaters.

Although, just like the modders, we hope that Rockstar will eventually offer more openness and opportunities to a creative community that can increase the playing time of Grand Theft Auto 5 indefinitely.

Native Trainer + Scripthook V: Cheat and turn into animals

A trainer who makes the scripts from Grand Theft Auto 5 accessible. The possibilities are endless. You activate all cheats with a mouse click. Immortality, all weapons, teleportation, vehicle spawning … Go all the way.

Nice and pleasantly disturbed, however, is the possibility to change identity. You can take on the role of every character in the game, even the animals, with this mod! Transform yourself into a monkey and steal a helicopter. Jump out of an airplane and transform into a whale during free fall. You can’t think of it as crazy or Native Trainer will help you make the craziest fantasy come true. Like a chicken getting a lap dance for example; we just say something.

Scripthook V is a plugin that you will need to use in many of the other mods currently available. We, therefore, recommend installing this mod first.

Download Script Hook V + Native Trainer. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder.


With this mod you let your own army of bodyguards appear. They look like normal civilians, but all carry a gun with which they defend you to the death. However, don’t spawn too many or the game will crash.

Download Spawn Random Bodyguard . Install the files in the GTA 5 folder.

Own number plate

A simple mod that changes the number plate of your car. You only get eight characters, so be creative. EUROGAME. EU GAMER. EROGAMER.

Download Customize Plate . Install the files in GTA 5. Get into the car and press “=” to enter your new license plate.

Change vehicle color

Tired of the color of your car and don’t feel like driving past the garage? With this mod you can change the tint of your vehicle even while driving. Enter simple RGB values ​​and your sports car will turn from pristine white to ugly fluorescent green in an instant.

Download Extra Color Customization. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Get into the car and press “_” to select the color.

Underwater cars

This mod glues your car to the ground so you can drive over the seabed or climb a mountain without any problems. The built-in boost function ensures that you don’t have to waste time climbing Mount Chiliad or admiring a shipwreck from behind your car window.

Download Sticky / Underwater Cards. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press the right “CTRL” key to activate the mod and peg your car to the ground. Boost with the left “Shift” key and boost backward with the left “CTRL” key.

Super fast cars

Unlike the aforementioned, the boost of this mod doesn’t get you glued to the ground. Soon, speed wins over gravity and your vehicle takes to the skies. So always use the immortality cheat, because you will never survive the landing.

Download Car Super Speed. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. For a super boost, press the “9” button on your NumPad.


Say goodbye to trustworthy laws of nature. With this mod, cars are flying around for inexplicable reasons. Unguided projectiles are full of flammable fuel. That can only end well, right?

Download Mayhem. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press the “/” button on your NumPad to unleash chaos.


Turn your character into a rag doll at the touch of a button. This mod also works during cutscenes to make the sudden limb paralysis even more hilarious.

Download Ragdoll / Limp On Demand. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “U” to remove all life from the limbs.

Heist vehicles

With this mod, you spawn the three vehicles from the online Heists: the Technical, Insurgent, and Valkyrie helicopter. You get Lamar as a murderous passenger for free. You choose between three different modes in which Lamar only shoots at enemies, mows down everything that moves or you take control of yourself. Single-player co-op with your own murderous AI.

Download Lamar Gunner. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “CTRL + I” to activate the mod and the “E” key to switch between the different modes.

Play police

Always wanted to be on the other side of the law? With this mod, you play as a police officer. Currently, there is only an alpha version available. You design your own arm of the law and patrol the streets looking for crime to fight.

Download SAPD: First Response. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “F8” to activate the mod and transport it to the police station.

Gravity Gun

Straight from Half-Life 2. With those toys, you pick up vehicles and move them as if they were made of cardboard. Make a car fortress at a busy intersection and watch the residents of Los Santos look on in amazement. Or shoot a plane in the sky; always a winner at parties.

Download Gravity Gun. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Select the stun gun. Press “E” to pick up an object and shoot to make it fly away.


Have you always wanted to experience a popular uprising? This mod turns all residents into maniacs with an extensive arsenal of murder weapons. Total civil war and the police refuse to intervene. Will you be the last to stand?

Download Ped Riot / Chaos Mode. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “F7” to activate the mod.

Driving train

Are lightning-fast cars and supersonic fighter jets a bit too wild for you? Then hijack a train and drive endless laps around San Andreas. Enjoy the view while enjoying your afternoon coffee. Be careful though, as the train has no speed limit, so you can go so fast that the map doesn’t have time to load.

Download Train Driver. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder.


Who needs a jetpack when you can just be Superman? Jump into the air and fly through the skies at blazing speed. Or as close as possible under a bridge. Or against the bridge if you are a sadist.

Download Hancock / Nice Fly. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “S” to move higher and “W” to return to Earth.

Shoot cars with gun

Perhaps the most destructive mod to date. It looks like a regular AK47, but when you pull the trigger, the cars fly around. Do you always find those chase missions so difficult? Fight fire with fire and treat the enemy to your own getaway car. In his face.

Download Vehicle Cannon. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Shoot vehicles with the left mouse button.

Biblical storm

Never been really impressed with the weather effects in Grand Theft Auto 5? This mod makes the thunder more terrifying. Not quite the flood yet, but it’s starting to look like it. Stay out of open water!

Download Biblical Storm . Use OpenIV to edit the “common.rpf / data / effects” file.

Tsunami and no water

What if Los Santos is hit by a giant tidal wave? With this mod, you can raise the sea level to three different levels. Activate the big waves and jet ski along the tops of skyscrapers or dive at the underwater Ferris wheel. Or let all the water disappear and race with a buggy over a parched seabed.

Download No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod . Use OpenIV to edit the “common.rpf / data / levels / gta5 / water.xml” file.

Trucker missions

Forget Euro Truck Simulator, from now on you will tear through San Andreas with the flame in the pipe. This mod introduces trucker jobs that you pick up in an office west of Sandy Shores. Open Rebel radio and race against time to your destination. Make sure that your cargo remains in good condition!

Download Trucking Missions. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Go to the office west of Sandy Shores. Navigate the menu with the NumPad keys, choose a mission, and jump in your trusty six-wheeler.

Ambulance missions

With this mod, you become a paramedic who has to pick up patients and deliver them to the hospital before they die. With every saved human life, the level of difficulty goes up a step. Don’t disappoint the needy, their fate is in your hands!

Download Ambulance Mini-Missions. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press the “2” button when in the ambulance to activate the missions.


However, a criminal mastermind doesn’t always have the time to play trucker or ambulance driver. For the stylish moments, there is this limo mod, including television and driver. Spying on the common man in the street from behind blinded windows, wonderful.

Download LimoMod. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “F7” to activate the mod.


Pedestrians and vehicles are just playing balls in your hand’s thanks to this mod. Use your magical powers to launch them into the air or shoot them in all directions. Devilish Jedi powers in GTA 5.

Download Telekinesis. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “NumPad *” to activate your powers and use the other Numpad keys to throw everyone around.


If the superpower to lift objects with your thoughts was not enough, you can also set them on fire with your mouth with this mod. Walk to a group of unsuspecting citizens and roast them in the middle of the street. Skyrim meets GTA.

Download Firebreather. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press the spacebar to spitfire.

Army at 5 stars

Do you also think it’s a bit silly that, unlike previous GTA games, the army doesn’t show up when you reach a five-star wanted level? With this mod, this is a thing of the past. The soldiers even deploy tanks and attack helicopters! Do you think you can handle all this violence?

Download The Army Spawns at Five Stars. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder.

Nuclear bomb

This mod turns the Firework Launcher into a portable nuke. Stand back and watch a massive explosion turn cars and people into radioactive fallout.

There is still some work to be done on the animations, but already an unmissable modification for destructive souls.

Download Davy Crockett Portable Nuclear Device . Use OpenIV to edit the “update \ update.rpf \ data \ effects \ explosionfx.dat” and “x64w.rpf \ dlcpacks \ mpindependence \ dlc.rpf \ common \ data \ explosion.meta” files.

More interiors

Have you always been a bit disappointed that you can only enter a limited number of buildings? This mod adds a lot of interiors to the game. The LifeInvader offices, Bahamas Mamas West nightclub, the hospital, and many more; you can just step in through the door of those buildings.

Pedestrians and police follow you inside. If you’ve always wanted to shout out at the morgue or slaughterhouse, this is the mod for you.

Download Open All Interiors. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder.

Robbing banks

Finally thanks to this mod it is possible to raid banks on your own. You can crack the safes of the Fleece as well as the Pacific banks.

It is all a bit simple: robbing a bank means nothing more than walking in and simply standing next to the safe. You would expect a bit more opposition from the bank employees when you walk in with a machine gun.

After your raid, shake off the police and a reward between 5,000 and 75,000 will be credited to your account. Easily earned!

Download Bank Robbery Mod. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Walk to a bank vault to rob them.


It’s awkward. Slow. Can’t jump. Immune to collisions. And especially very funny. With this mod, you drive through the streets on the back of a reindeer. Totally useless, but funny.

Download Ride A Deer. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press the “NumPad 7” button to make your new pet appear.


Zombies are popular, so it was only a matter of time until they also appeared in GTA 5. This mod unleashes the zombie apocalypse: total chaos and endless hordes of monsters that want to eat your brain.

This first version is only in the alpha phase, but the developers already promise a major update in the near future. The developers are already very ambitious and compare themselves to DayZ.

A mod to keep an eye on. In the meantime, you are already enjoying yourself with aimlessly mowing down the man-eaters.

Download Grand Theft Zombies. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “F8” during gameplay to unleash the apocalypse.

Force Field

Do you always find it so difficult that everyone gets in your way when you want to go somewhere quickly? Activate this mod and a force field will launch anything and anyone that gets too close to you into the air. Never be stuck in traffic again!

Download Force Field. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press the left CTRL + K keys to activate the force field.

Air raid

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you think: “What would it be useful if I could request an airstrike now?” No? In any case, use this mod to bring down as much destruction from the air as possible.

You choose the area, the number of grenades, and how quickly the attacks follow each other. Watch from a bridge as you turn a busy highway into a collection of smoldering wrecks.

Download Airstrike Mod. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press the “F10” key to display the artillery menu.

Grappling Hook

This mod should have already been in the original game. With the grappling hook, you can easily hoist yourself onto roofs, catapult people into the air or nail their car to a flying helicopter. Combine your flights with a well-timed parachute and you never have to hit the ground again. Just Cause meets GTA.

Download Grappling Hook mod. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “Ctrl + N” to open the mod menu.


In addition to all the brutal violence, you also sometimes have to make time for relaxation. With this mod, you can enjoy the healthy sea air while you wait patiently for a fish to catch. Or bicycle. Or an old shoe. Sell ​​your catch a little further on the pier for nice pocket money. A mod for the quiet role player.

Download Fishing Mod. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Go to the pier or fish from a boat by pressing “F5”.

Play firefighters

Some children want to become police officers, others a firefighter. For the latter group, there is now also a mod to make their childhood dream come true.

You wait in your barracks for a call and rush to the rescue with your fire truck. Extinguish a car wreck with the water gun on your car or run into a burning building with your powder extinguisher. The mod is still in the alpha phase and promises in the future besides more fires also other incidents, such as gas leaks and accidents. You and your partner will have to close off the environment and call for reinforcements. A mod to keep an eye on for those who want to play a real rescuer.

Download Firefighter Mod. Watch the movie on the website for installation instructions.

The Red House

Completed every mission in GTA 5 and desperate for a new excuse to spend some more time in Los Santos? Then take a look at this mod packed with new missions.

The Red House is a place where you can pick up all kinds of dirty work:

  • Assassination contracts: you are assigned a target that you must liquidate as soon as possible in exchange for a reward of between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000.
  • Mob cleaning: sometimes a negotiation goes wrong and they send you to erase the evidence. The gangster are well equipped, but don’t expect you. Kill them all to collect your reward between $ 75,000 and $ 150,000.
  • Protection: An emergency where you have to free someone from a hotel. Risky, but with a payout between $ 100,000 and $ 200,000 extremely lucrative.
  • Big Score Heist: The cream of the crop in this mod. A heist where you have to go through three steps to bring everything to a successful conclusion. We will not reveal everything, but get ready to shoot a lot of helipkopters from the sky from an Insurgent. You can earn up to $ 5 million.

And these missions are just the beginning of what the future holds. A must for those who remained hungry at the end of the single-player.

Download The Red House. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Look for the red symbol on your map to find The Red House.

What stands out this week is that the modders clearly draw inspiration from other games and even a TV series from the 80s. The nitro turbo system is stolen from Need For Speed ​​and the gift of the Dovahkiin from Skyrim. Our favorite this week, however, is the Knight Rider: a car with artificial intelligence. Let KITT take control of the car while you focus on drive-bys or blowing up engines with an EMP.

But as fun as this all sounds, remember that these mods are only playable in single-player. Try to use them online and you risk getting banned from GTA Online.

Nitro Turbo

This mod introduces a turbo system just like in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. Every vehicle now has a dose of nitro that will take you to unprecedented top speeds. Activate the booster and you will go so fast that the colors in the world even fade. Be sure to try this mod with a helicopter!

Download TurbySystemV . Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Get into a vehicle and wait about 15 seconds for the turbo system to charge. Press “T” to activate the nitro.

Knight Rider

Dive back into the 80s with this Knight Rider mod. Get into the KITT, a car with a lot of useful gadgets. Set a waypoint and let the car drive on its own. Drive just two wheels at the touch of a button. Jump into the air at full speed. Shoot missiles from your headlights and take out your enemy’s engine with a built-in EMP. Feel totally like David Hasselhoff!

Download Knight Rider: KITT. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “F10” to activate the mod and “NumPad +” to open the menu.

Dealing drugs

Thanks to this mod you no longer only have to play on the stock market, but you can also earn a nice penny by buying different types of drugs low and selling high. These mini-missions were dropped during the game’s development because they would encourage drug use. So be careful.

Download Drug Trafficking. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Find a dealer on the streets of Los Santos and the menu to buy and sell will appear automatically.

Jewelery Store Heist

With this mod, you can raid the Vangelico Jewelry Store at any time. Just like in the story mission, but on your own. Steal as much loot as possible, escape the police and let Lester resell the jewels. A bit risky, but really very lucrative.

Download Vangelico Jewelry Store Heist. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Enter the store and press “E” to start the heist.

Skyrim Dragon Shout

Fus Ro Dah! Always knew GTA 5’s characters were secretly Dragonborn. With this mod, you can swing everyone into the air with your voice. Unlike Skyrim, however, you choose the power of your roar here.

The first thing to do with this mod? Catapult the arrogant hikers on Mount Chiliad with one call back to the base.

Download Skyrim Shout. Install the files in the GTA 5 folder. Press “Del” to squeeze the brute force out of your lungs. Press “F5” and “F6” to adjust the force.

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