Lost Ark: All Field Bosses And Where To Find Them

Are you sure you want to learn about all the field boss locations in Lost Ark? Spoiler alert! Unfortunately, the in-game map won’t help you that much, but we will. Although lost Ark is a multiplayer 3-D MMO with a somewhat of a Diablo-style flavor, aside from adopting the free-to-play model, it’s also a jaw dropper; after all, it was made exclusively for the South Korean market.

These Field Bosses are a vital part of Lost Ark, and they can be found on each of the different continents, and as you play through the game and start to level up, you’ll encounter many more of them.

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Each Lost Ark Field Boss has its unique set of attacks; some are easy to kill, while others require more effort. So aside from knowing where to find them, you’ll need to learn how to beat them. And that’s where we come in.

Lost Ark: All Field Boss Locations

Below, we’ll list down all of the Lost Ark field boss locations in more detail, starting with the ones requiring the lowest level and ending up with the highest level field bosses.

We’ll also throw some tips on tackling each fight properly. Finally, there’ll be a FAQ section to answer most trending questions about Lost Ark’s field bosses.

Field Boss:Level:Location:
Aporas N/A Oblivion Isle
Rudric17Rethramis → Rethramis Border
Salt Giant19Yudia → Saland Hill
Rovlen25West Luterra → Bilbrin Forest
Wili-Wili29East Luterra → Sunbright Hill
Caspiel39Tortoyk → Skyreach Steppe
Chuo44Anikka → Twilight Mists
Velkan48Arthetine → Totrich
Casrick50North Vern → Balankar Mountains
Chaotic Chuo50Anikka → Melody Forest
Magmadon50Rohendel → Xeneela Ruins
Maneth50Shushire → Icewing Heights
Proxima50North Vern → Vernese Forest
Signatus50Arthetine → Scraplands
Tarsila50Shushire → Lake Eternity
Harvest Lord Incarnate51Orvis → Island
Kohinorr51Yorn → Iron Hammer Mine
Ancheladus54Feiton → Red Moonshade
Sol Grande54Alteisen
Aurion56Wildwater Island
Brealeos56Frostfire Island
Moake59Punika → Tikatika Colony

New bosses are being introduced to Lost Ark frequently, and we’ll make sure to add any new ones to the above list as soon as we get the chance.

Also, here are some tips & tricks on how to beat field bosses in Lost Ark:

1- Two is better than one, meaning don’t shy away from asking for help for other veteran players.

2- All field bosses are given a ×23 health multiplier, requiring their health to be brought down to zero 23 times over before you can defeat them.

3- You need to know the recommended item level for each field boss. Otherwise, you risk the chance of doing no damage or, even worse, not getting any post-fight rewards.

Well, that should be it. However, remember to get familiar with the game mechanics before thinking about jumping head first into a boss fight, or you might regret it.

JoinGames Staff