Where Is Xur This Week? [Xur Location & Inventory Today]

Do you want to find out where Xur is this week? Or perhaps you want to know about his inventory for the week? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to determine through our today’s guide.

Xur’s location for this week is unique since it marks the first week of Destiny 2’s annual Summer Solstice celebration; we can expect some juicy Exotics & Legendary gear.

For new Guardians out there who are unfamiliar with the agent of the Nine, Xur is an in-game NPC taking the role of a merchant; the good fellow shows up at random locations each week, which makes finding him a bit of a hassle!

However, it is also rewarding; Xur comes packed with a bunch of fantastic legendary and exotic items; he also doesn’t like to overstay his welcome, so he is there only for a limited time, starting from Fridays at 2 pm and kicks off on Tuesdays at 2 pm as well.

You’d want to know only two things: Xur’s location and what he’s selling this week. So below, we’ll cover exactly that, starting with where to find the guy, then we’ll go through each Exotic gear he’s got for us this week.

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Where is Xur’s location this week?

This week in Destiny 2, Xûr can be located at the EDZ on Winding Cove (for the week of September 2).

You can get to him by heading to the landing zone at the Watcher’s Grave, making your way to the large tree behind the barge, and then climbing the moss-covered red tree.

Xur should be waiting for you there and ready to sell you some precious exotic loot. Below is a map pinpointing his exact location:

Xur location this week is at Watcher's Grave on Nessus

In case you’re bad with maps, no worries, we won’t judge; here is a 1-minute video tutorial made by our friends at Fallout Plays on how to get to Xur’s location:

What is the Xur selling this week? [Exotics & Legendary Items]

This week in Destiny 2, Xûr comes bearing a bunch of exotics that can be useful for players this season.

However, Before you can buy any of the exotics and legendary items Xur’s selling this week, you’ll need to have Legendary Fragments in your inventory since that’s the only currency he’ll accept.

As usual, Xur’s inventory consists of four Exotics to pick from, a weapon, and a piece of armor; remember that legendary armor items vary according to your Guardian class.

Xur exotics list this week:

The QueenbreakerLinear Fusion Rifle29 Legendary Shards
Knucklehead RadarHunter Helmet23 Legendary Shards
ArmamentariumTitan Chest23 Legendary Shards
Starfire ProtocolWarlock Chest23 Legendary Shards

Xur Legendary weapons & armor list this week:

Falling GuillotineSword
VulpeculaHand Cannon
Swarm of the RavenGrenade Launcher
Far FutureSniper Rifle
Nature of the BeastHand Cannon
Sojourner’s TaleShotgun
True ProphecyHand Cannon

That would be all you need to know about Xur’s location and inventory for the ongoing week.

Remember that Xur will only be around for a few days and disappear again during the weekly reset. So make sure to drop him a visit while he’s still around.

JoinGames Staff