Destiny 2: Ada 1 Mods Today [October 2022]

Hello Guardian! Are you looking for today’s Destiny 2 Ada 1 mods? You’ve come to the right place. It’s no secret that the right mods in Destiny 2 can make or break your build. However, armor mods, in particular, are not easy to stumble upon, especially if you’re new to the game.

So today at Join games, we took it upon ourselves and did most of the leg work on your behalf to make accessing said mods a bit easier. On this page, you’ll discover what mods is ADA-1 selling today, the day before, and the entire rotation history.

We’ll also show you where to find Ada-1 in Destiny 2, so your armor synthesis introduction goes as smoothly as possible.

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Who is Ada 1?

Ada-1, once known as Adelaide Meyrin, isn’t there only to look majestic AF; she is also the current Black Armoury keeper, and spoiler alert! she doesn’t fancy Guardians that much.

However, she is the one to seek if you want to get your hands on armor mods; ADA-1 offers you 4 of those, each costing you 10,000 Glimmer. Also, Ada-1 mods are set to rotate daily, so you make sure to pay her a visit every day.

Where to find Ada 1 In Destiny 2?

Ada-1 can be found in the Black Armoury, hidden behind a secret door in the Tower Annex. You will only have access to the Armoury after speaking to The Spider and utilizing the Black Armoury Badge.

Destiny 2: Ada 1 Mods Rotation [October 2022]

As we’ve mentioned, Ada-1 mods are changing daily, so make sure to BOOKMARK this page and check it out daily to keep up with the latest armor mods being sold.

Below are the ADA-1 mods being sold today; the ones from the previous day are also listed down. We took it further and listed the entire Ada-1 mod rotation history.

What mods does Ada-1 have today?

Here are the mods Ada-1 is selling today:

  • Bow Ammo Finder
  • Grenade Launcher Scavenger
  • Light of the Fire
  • Lucent Blade

What mods does Ada-1 had yesterday?

These are the destiny 2 Ada-1 yesterday’s mods:

  • Bow Ammo Finder
  • Pulse Rifle Dexterity
  • Fireteam Medic
  • Submachine Gun Holster

destiny 2 ada-1 mod history

We’ll be keeping a complete history of Ada-1’s mod rotation; why would we do that? Well, some mods will rotate more often than others. Also, some Guardians are keen to complete their mods collection, which helps them anticipate any upcoming mods.

These are all the armor mods Ada-1 has sold at some point during the last couple of months:

  • Rocket Launcher Loader (sold on: August 26th)
  • Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder (sold on: August 26th)
  • Precision Charge (sold on: August 26th)
  • Power Preservation (sold on: August 26th)
  • Linear Fusion Rifle Reserves (sold on: August 24th)
  • Unflinching Machine Gun (sold on: August 24th)
  • Modular Lightning (sold on: August 24th)
  • Incinerating Light (sold on: August 24th)
  • Auto Rifle Dexterity (sold on: August 23rd)
  • Trace Rifle Scavenger (sold on: May 23th)
  • Powerful Friends (sold on: May 23th)
  • Supreme Wellmaker (sold on: May 23th)
  • Linear Fusion Rifle Loader (sold on: May 27th)
  • Bow Targeting (sold on: Aug 4th)
  • Light of the Fire (sold on: Jul 30th)
  • Fusion Rifle Holster (sold on: Jul 30th)
  • Unflinching Linear Fusion Aim (sold on: Jun 2nd)
  • Fusion Rifle Scavenger (sold on: Jul 26th)
  • Fireteam Medic (sold on: Jul 1st)
  • Elemental Charge (sold on: Aug 10th)
  • Fusion Rifle Loader (sold on: Jul 30th)
  • Scout Rifle Loader (sold on: Jul 28th)
  • Auto Rifle Holster (sold on: Jul 18th)
  • Orbs of Restoration (sold on: Jun 3rd)
  • Fusion Rifle Reserves (sold on: Jul 27th)
  • Unflinching Sniper Aim (sold on: Aug 1st)
  • Protective Light (sold on: Aug 5th)
  • Glaive Reserves (sold on: Jun 10th)
  • Sword Reserves (sold on: Jun 9th)
  • Trace Rifle Targeting (sold on: May 29th)
  • Heal Thyself (sold on: Apr 22nd)
  • Pulse Rifle Holster (sold on: Jul 22nd)
  • Machine Gun Loader (sold on: Jul 6th)
  • Auto Rifle Dexterity (sold on: Jul 3rd)
  • Lucent Blade (sold on: Dec 16th)
  • Reaping Wellmaker (sold on: Aug 5th)
  • Sniper Rifle Loader (sold on: Jun 13th)
  • Shotgun Reserves
  • Elemental Ordnance (sold on: Jun 28th)
  • Elemental Light (sold on: Aug 7th)
  • Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim (sold on: Jul 3rd)
  • Hand Cannon Dexterity (sold on: Aug 9th)
  • Powerful Friends (sold on: Jul 19th)
  • Elemental Charge (sold on: Aug 4th)
  • Scout Rifle Targeting (sold on: Jun 28th)
  • Hand Cannon Dexterity (sold on: Jun 7th)
  • Extra Reserves (sold on: May 24th)
  • Incinerating Light (sold on: Jul 14th)
  • Sword Scavenger (sold on: Jun 4th)
  • Utility Finisher (sold on: Jun 23rd)
  • Stacks on Stacks (sold on: Jun 27th)
  • Glaive Scavenger (sold on: Jul 13th)
  • Machine Gun Reserves (sold on: Aug 3rd)
  • Linear Fusion Rifle Reserves (sold on: May 2nd)
  • Surprise Attack (sold on: Jul 6th)
  • Elemental Light (sold on: Jun 22nd)
  • Bow Dexterity (sold on: Jul 28th)
  • Sniper Rifle Dexterity (sold on: Jun 30th)
  • Warmind’s Light (sold on: Aug 4th)
  • Warmind’s Protection (sold on: Jul 2nd)
  • Machine Gun Ammo Finder (sold on: Jul 15th)
  • Sidearm Dexterity (sold on: Jun 1st)
  • Protective Light (sold on: Jul 29th)
  • Reaping Wellmaker (sold on: Apr 24th)
  • Unflinching Fusion Rifle Aim (sold on: Aug 2nd)
  • Bow Targeting (sold on: Jun 20th)
  • Warmind’s Light (sold on: Apr 25th)
  • Elemental Charge (sold on: Jun 30th)
  • Machine Gun Reserves (sold on: Apr 12th)
  • Machine Gun Dexterity (sold on: Apr 15th)
  • Grasp of the Warmind (sold on: Jun 17th)
  • Sidearm Holster (sold on: May 26th)
  • Unflinching Fusion Rifle Aim (sold on: Jul 17th)
  • Trace Rifle Reserves (sold on: May 19th)
  • Heavy Handed (sold on: Apr 2nd)
  • Argent Ordnance (sold on: May 19th)
  • Unflinching Sniper Aim (sold on: Jul 29th)
  • Rocket Launcher Scavenger (sold on: Apr 20th)
  • Well of Ions (sold on: Jul 8th)
  • Trace Rifle Holster (sold on: May 15th)


And there you have it; by now, you should be more than able to locate Ada-1 and be familiar with the current mods and the ones she’s sold before.

Please make sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll be updating it with the latest armor mods being sold by ADA-1, and trust us, you don’t want to miss those.

JoinGames Staff