[TOP 13] Best Nier Replicant Mods In 2022

Want some awesome Nier Replicant mods? This one-of-a-kind RPG game is an excellent adaptation of Nier, the classic action role-playing hack-and-slash adventure game from 2010. It does an admirable job of refreshing the graphics and combat from the classic benchmark to a more up-to-date standard.

A lot of care and passion has been put into this game, making it a beautifully crafted re-master that is sure to be a delight for new and experienced players alike.

Similar to its predecessors, the moment Nier Replicant was released, it managed to be the center of attention, and grab the interest of the modding community, which has led to it having over a hundred mods, ranging from visuals and graphics, quest, game expansion, character tweaks and plenty more.

With so many mods out there, you might get lost searching for the best ones to suit your needs, spend hours in browsing dozens of pages or even lose interest.

That’s why today on JoinGames, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do all the heavy lifting on your behalf and we came up with a list of what we humbly think are the best Nier Replicant Mods that exist so far.

Here are the best Nier Replicant Mods:

  • Replicant Gadget
  • NieR Replicant High FPS Fix
  • Papa Nier Launcher / Papa Nier Voice
  • Vibrant Realism – ReShade preset
  • High Framerate cutscenes
  • (Cheat Engine Table) Weapon Upgrade Materials
  • Savefile collection
  • PlayStation Button Replacer

Replicant Gadget

Replicant Gadget is a multi-purpose tool for NieR Replicant that provides a number of functions and tweaks for players to take advantage of. It allows you to do a lot of stuff in-game such as changing your Nier’s model mid-gameplay. Also, it makes it possible to have infinite HP levels and magic.

If you’re one of those players who just want to rush through the game and get to the story as soon as possible, then this mod is a must-have as it will practically make you invincible from the start.

Papa Nier Launcher

Papa Nier Launcher is one of the most endorsed NieR Replicant character mods. Once installed, it will function as a game launcher that lets you select Papa Nier as a playable character right from the beginning.

If playing as Papa Nier is not enough, you can take the experience of playing as Papa to the next level by adding the Papa Nier Voice mod to the mix, it allows you to swap the Brother Nier voice for Father Nier’s voice, which is the same as his original voice from the Gestalt.

Vibrant Realism – ReShade preset

Vibrant Realism is a simple but very efficient ReShade preset that enhances the contrast, warmth, and vividness of the game while reducing the blurred grey haze over the entire map and maintaining immersiveness and FPS.

It’s pretty easy to set up and run, all you need to do is install ReShade V5.02 and follow the instructions on the official mod page.

High Framerate cutscenes

If you want your game to look stunning 24/7 and you feel your hardware can pull it off, then you should definitely get the High Framerate cutscenes mod. It replaces all the in-game cutscenes with overlayed 60fps/120fps versions that look absolutely stunning.

You can check out the mod page for additional things that you’ll also need to install for this mod to work properly, it’s definitely worth it, all cutscenes get a total overhaul making them even more beautiful to walk through.

PlayStation Button Replacer

Petra’s PlayStation Button Replacer is a mod that does exactly what it says; it allows you to redesign the buttons and have visual queues that match the PlayStation buttons.

This is a big win for players who are costumed to the PlayStation controller style UI. By using this mod, you won’t be flustered whenever you attempt to find a button.

Nier Perfect V2

Despite the fact that the re-mastered version of Nier looks visually much improved over the original, the same lack of color sharpness is evident as in the first releases of the game.

It may be a texture issue, or maybe it’s a restriction that the game developers had to struggle with. Regardless, many players voiced their complaints and would have liked to see a little more color in the game.

If you are one of those players, you can easily fix that by installing the Nier Perfect V2 mod, made by Okjaye, this mod brings a much-needed fix to the game’s color patterns, making them look more vivid and crisp and overall improving the visual aspect of the game greatly.

This wraps our list of the Nier Replicant Mods that we managed to dig up, we highly recommend you give them a try in your next playthrough.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and swing by from time to time so you don’t miss any upcoming mods.

JoinGames Staff