[TOP 17] Best People Playground Mods In 2022

So you want the best People Playground mods? People Playground is an unusual but amazing simulation game with unlimited possibilities, made especially for people who like to experiment without any ethical limits, for purely scientific reasons, in this game you will be able to stab, burn, kill people and conduct all kinds of experiments on them.

On its own, the game will give you an intense amount of fun and satisfaction, but there might come a time when you’re, for whatever reason, finding it hard to enjoy People Playground anymore, whether you are getting bored or want to spice up your gameplay a little bit, mods are the answer, as they will re-ignite your love and interest for this crazy game.

Thanks to its very active modding community, People Playground has just way too many mods, making it hard for new players or veterans alike to pick the right ones. That’s why today on JoinGames, we’ll be walking you through our top hand-picked People Playground mods that exist so far.

These are the best People Playground mods:

  • Quick Right Click Options
  • Skittle’s Syringe Mod
  • Animated Weapons+
  • Soror’s NPC Pack
  • Active Humans
  • The Ultimate Car Mod
  • Chemical Warfare
  • Humans+
  • Powers Mod
  • Torture Factory
  • Melee Weapons Mod
  • Scream Mod

Quick Right Click Options

With the huge amount of “experimenting” that you’ll be doing, at one point or another, you’ll need to start automating your trials. Quick Right Click Options mod is your wingman, It adds a variety of options in the right-click menu that allows you to apply immediate effects to humans. You just right-click on a human and apply any of the effects you desire.

The mod currently includes these effects as options:

  • Make invincible / Remove invincibility
  • Kill / Revive
  • Collapse
  • Knock Out / Wake Up
  • Zombify
  • Suffocate / Unsuffocate
  • Disable / Enable drowning
  • Disable / Enable Pain

The mod is a work in progress so, with each update, new and cool features will be added.

Skittle’s Syringe Mod

Next up we have Skittles’ Syringe Mod, it’s quite a popular mod, that even some of the biggest YouTubers and streamers have implemented into their People Playground gameplay.

Basically, it introduces around 17 new syringes to the game, what makes these syringes so special is that each one of them comes with a particular side effect.

Syringes Included:

  • Pain Syringe
  • Ghost Syringe
  • Suffocation Syringe
  • Improved Knockout Antidote
  • Tritium Syringe
  • Improved Knockout Syringe
  • Blood Syringe
  • Oil Syringe
  • Invincibility Syringe
  • Blood Coagulant (added to vanilla)
  • Exotic Liquid Syringe
  • Amputation Syringe
  • Temperature Immunity Syringe
  • Gorseblood Syringe
  • Pain Killer Syringe
  • Zombie Virus Cure
  • Water breathing Syringe

It will take some time to compile, but it will be worth every second of it.

Animated Weapons+

Animated Weapons+ is a must-have gun mod for People Playground, it introduces 25 new animated weapons, with visual effects similar to how the actual weapons work, with the recoil, bullet drop animation, and everything.

This mod packs a whole arsenal of plain weapons and military equipment, giving you the satisfaction of experiencing the perfect weapon simulation.

Soror’s NPC Pack

Soror’s NPC Pack is a great mod pack for People Playground that includes over 40 newly added ragdoll characters from a wide range of backgrounds.

The pack includes, but is not limited to, Zombies, Aliens, Robocop, Steve from Minecraft, C3PO Android and so many other characters to choose from.

The purpose of this huge pack of characters is to allow you to conduct your experiments and test your theories on different subjects, as they all come with different prowess, as some characters are more durable and buffed than others.

Active Humans

Active Humans is by far the most popular name on our list, this mod makes humans seem more self-conscious and aware of the dangers around them. Thus, making them run, or at least try to the best of their ability.

Basically, this makes humans seem a bit more responsive and try their best not to get whacked. In return, it gives you more satisfaction to experiment with fleeing victims and not lifeless rag dolls.

You can accompany this mod with the Scream mod, which adds screaming humans, giving you the full experience of a hunter hunting his prey.

The Ultimate Car Mod

As the names would suggest, The Ultimate Car Mod introduces a wide range of new cars to the game. In a way similar to the More Vehicles Mod, it gives you the opportunity to apply all kinds of scenarios or just have some fun in general.

Extinction MOD

Extinction Mod does exactly what it says, it will allow you to kill, revive, and kill people again. People will be going through an endless suffering loop. As for you, it allows you to have the “Extinction” achievement and have fun just spawning in humans and then eradicating them.

You can use the DeathCounter in order to keep track of how many innocent lives you take in a single session, it comes as a show-off, and is great for bragging rights about who commits more war crimes.

Torture Factory

Last but not least, we have the Torture Factory mod, which is definitely not for the faint-hearted kind of people. It introduces a not very human-friendly factory where people and every other living thing comes to perish, conceivably more than once.

Each level of this factory has unique and diverse methods of inflicting pain and/or manipulating the subjects as they cross it while remaining alive.

And there you have it, our best People Playground mods, which are guaranteed to open new possibilities in the game while filling you with so much fun and satisfaction. We sincerely suggest you check them out and adopt them into your next playthrough.

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