Can You Guess The Mid Lane Champion By Its Quotes?

Mid main? Maybe an Auto-fill? or troll! Doesn’t matter much, if you think you know your champions then go ahead and take on this League of legends quiz.

Put your knowledge to the test with this “guess the champion by their quotes” quiz, and find out what score you’ll get.

Keep in mind that the only featured champions on today’s quiz are those who are deemed to belong to the mid-tier according to the current meta! So don’t be surprised if you spot a weird pick inside haha.

Difficulty-wise, this quiz shouldn’t be that hard for anyone who’s been playing league of legends for a couple of seasons. However, if you’re new to the game, have been Boosted, or you’re playing league of legends in a different language, then expect to get your booty kicked lol.

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How well do you know League of legends mid laners? Do you main mid? or perhaps an Auto-fill? Or worse of all Troll! Doesn’t matter much, Today you’ll get to test your knowledge and try to guess the Mid-champions by their Ban & Champ Select quotes.

This quiz contains about 50 questions. You can see your overall score on the final page of the quiz. We hope you’ve been playing League of Legends client is English based, otherwise, this quiz is gonna kick your bum-bum. So, do you think you can get the maximum score with ease? Will it be a piece of cake for you? Start the quiz and find out!

Don’t forget to leave a comment with your results! And also leave feedback on the quiz difficulty, if you enjoyed the user experience? or if you think something should be edited in the quiz.

JoinGames Staff