QUIZ: Find Out How Toxic You Are in League of Legends

Care to find out how toxic are you in League of Legends? Once you step foot into the Summoner’s Rift, you’ll come to notice that there’s no shortage of toxic players who spew vitriol and insults at their teammates, others who opt in for running it down mid instead of running at the gym, and the Psychos who like to get in the other team’s head.

But how do you know if you’re one of them or not? Well, we’ve got the right quiz for you!

We get it; once in a while, you’ll get your hands dirty, ALT4+F4 here, GGez someone there, even troll-pick in a couple of ranked games. But does that really make you a toxic player? You’ll soon come to find out that it takes more than that to be truly toxic.

The quiz below will help you discover if you’re as toxic as you’d thought! All while having a bit of fun at the same time. After all, quizzes are supposed to be fun and not feel like your end-of-the-month Psychiatrist appointment.

So without further ado, there should be a button somewhere around; please click it to start the quiz.

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We’ve all had a teammate who was just a little too toxic, but what if that person was you? Find out how toxic you are in League of Legends with the quiz above!

Remember that no matter your score, this is the weekend, and this quiz is here to set aside some of the long weeks’ stress. So don’t take stuff seriously and have some fun.

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