Dislyte Tier List [October 2022] Best Espers In Dislyte

Are you looking for the most up-to-date and accurate Dislyte tier list? Or maybe you’re looking to find out which are the best Espers in Dislyte? Well, that’s precisely what you’ll be able to determine in today’s guide. And as a bonus, we’ll also show you the correct way to perform a Dislyte reroll.

If you’re new to the game, you should keep on reading since this will help kick things off the right, and even if you’re a veteran, you’ll still find our ranking pretty helpful.

The best Espers in Dislyte are those with many abilities and high offensive power. These can be divided into five tiers based on their Story & Cube, Krono, Apep, Fafnir, P-War & Defense P-War, Offense, and tower stats. However, with more than 70 playable characters released so far, picking the right ones for the current meta can prove challenging.

That’s today at Joingames.net; we’ll run through the best characters in each tier and discuss the best ways to use them effectively in battle. Before we kick things off, it’s worth noting that the following tier list is primarily inspired by the official Playdislyte website, our gameplay, and our own players’ polls that we have conducted via the game’s official subreddit.

Dislyte Tier List: Best Espers In Dislyte [October 2022]

Here is the latest Dislyte tier list showcasing the best Espers for the current month:

GabrielleDPS, DEF Down, AoE & Immunity,S+
UnasDEF Down, Immunity, AoE & Increase APS+
SallyImmunity, Remove Debuff, ATK Up & HealerS+
ClaraImmunity, Support, Healer, Increase AP, Remove Debuffs, ShieldS+
LucasStun, AoE, Increase AP, Remove BuffS+
AhmedATK Up, Healing, Reduce Cooldown, SupportS+
Lin XiaoDPS, Diseased, Bleed, SPD Down, DEF DownS+
Li LingDPS, Steal AP, Self HealingS
FabriceSupport, Recovery, Increase AP, Immunity, Invincibility, HealerS
NarmerDPS, ATK UpS
TiyeDisabler, Steal AP, SPD Down, CCS
ChloeDPS, Steal Buff, Buff BlockerS
CatherineSupport, Miss Rate Up, Increase AP, Remove Debuff, StandoffS
SiennaIncrease AP, ATK Up, SPD Up, Reduce AP, StunS
TrikiStun, Debuff, AoE, Buff Blocker, Miss Rate UpS
LauraCRIT RESIST, Shield, SilenceS
DonarTank, Immunity, DPSA
Ye SuhuaSupport, Healer, ATK Down, Invincibility, ATK Up, DEF UpA
Long MianSupport, SPD Down, Reduce AP, AoE, FreezeA
RavenDPS, Mark, Steal Buff, DEF Down, Remove Debuff, Remove Buff, AoEA
SanderDPS, SPD Down, SPD Up, Reduce APA
Ren SiTank, ATK Down, Standoff, DEF DownA
OllieDEF Down, Taunt, Invincibility, Recovery, SilenceA
JeanneStun, Reduce AP, Remove BuffsA
Tang YunDPS, Stun,A
HydeBuff Blocker, AoE, Remove BuffA
PritzkerDisabler, Reduce AP, StunA
BonnieReduce AP, Reduce AP, Increase AP, Stun, Remove BuffA
NicoleDEF Up, Invincibility, Revive, SearA
Heng YueSupport, Remove Buff, Healer, Remove Debuff,A
TevorTrue Damage, DPS, SearA
ZoraBuff Blocker, Diseased, DPSA
Jin YuyaoSupport, CC, Immunity, Remove DebuffsA
AsenathRemove Buff, Recovery, Increase AP, HealerA
Unky ChaiIncrease AP, Crit Rate Up, ATK Up, Reduce CooldownB
EiraSPD Up, Remove Debuff, Increase APB
LynnImmunity, ATK Down, Remove Buff, ShieldB
Tang XuanDPS, AoE, Diseased, DEF DownB
LaurenSupport, SPD Down, Healer, Increase AP, ReviveB
CelineSleep, SPD Up, Remove Debuff, Reduce APB
MelanieDisabler, Petrification, Reduce APB
BereniceSupport, DEF Down, Reduce APB
MeredithSPD Up, Reduce Max HP, DEF Up, CRIT RESIST, PoisonB
BiondinaBuff Blocker, AoE, Remove BuffB
StewartBuff Blocker, AoE, Remove BuffB
FreddyDPS, ATK Up, Remove BuffB
DhaliaStun, SPD Down, C.RATE Up, Increase APB
Xiao YinDPSB
Xie ChuyiDPS, Sear, SPD Down, C.RATE Up, DEF DownB
 Freeze, SPD Down, DPSB
AnesidoraATK Down, Remove Buff, SPD Up, StunB
DrewDPS, DEF DownB
Chang PuSupport, Healer, Reduce AP,B
Xie YuzhiStun, SPD Up, Steal APC
Lu YiDPS, Ignore DEF, BleedC
CeciliaRevive, Increase AP, Immunity, Remove Debuffs, HealerC
Jiang ManDPS, SilenceC
Luo YanSupport, Healer, Recovery, ATK Up, Revive, DiseasedC
DjoserDEF Down, Taunt, TankC
JacobSupport, PoisonC
FalkenSilence, Counterattack, Debuff, ATK DownC
ZelmerDPS, DEF Down,C
KayleeC.RATE Up, SPD Down, Reduce AP, FreezeC
TaylorDPS, Remove Buffs, ATK Up, C.RATE UpD
ChalmersDPS, Diseased, Buff BlockerD
AlexaSupport, Miss Rate Up, Remove BuffD
KaraSPD Down, Poison, DiseasedD
Bai LiuliSilence, Remove Debuff, Steal BuffD
LeonDPS, Diseased, SearD
ArcanaSupport, Miss Rate Up, Silence, Steal BuffD
Li AoTank, Disabler, Taunt, Remove Buff, DevourF
BrynnSupport, SPD Down, ATK Up, FreezeF
BardonTank, Stun, DEF UpF
HelenaRemove Buff, Reduce AP, HealerF
HallDPS, ATK Down, DEF DownF


Support, Stun, Diseased, Poison, Remove DebuffF
DavidDPS, ATK Down, Taunt, Steal Buff, Stun, Reduce APD

How Do I Reroll In Dislyte?

Follow these steps to perform a Dislyte reroll:

  • First, launch Dislyte via the mobile app.
  • Click on your profile icon > Settings> Services > Account Service > Initialise account.
  • This will open a new window where you’ll need to Insert the code displayed on the same screen.
  • Click “Confirm” to reset your game’s data and start all over.

That’s about everything on Dislyte’s Tier List and Reroll’s Tutorial. While you’re at it, please browse more tier lists to learn about our character rankings for similar games, such as the Destiny Child tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, Dragalia Lost tier list and many more at Join Games.

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