All Danganronpa Characters List: Danganronpa V1, V2 & V3

In today’s guide, we’ll be introducing you to all Danganronpa characters, starting from Trigger Happy Havoc Characters, then Goodbye Despair, and finishing our list with Killing Harmony. Unlike other sites out there, we’ll take things one step further and also accompany every character with their exact birthdate and Zodiac sign. However, before we meet all the characters available in Danganropa, let’s first find out what the series is about.

The original story of Danganronpa is about a group of 15 elite students who are brought together at a very special school that goes by the name of Hope’s Peak Academy. The school is presided over by Monokuma who explains to them that finishing the course involves committing murder.

The only way they can finish their courses is to eliminate one of their classmates without being discovered. If the classmates uncover the identity of the guilty classmate, only him or she is eliminated. However, if they fail to capture and discover the criminal’s identity, then they are all taken out and only the perpetrator finishes the Academic period.

We won’t spoil any much more than this, we’ll leave it to you to find out Which of the 15 will survive this breathtaking battle.

All Danganronpa characters List [ Complete wiki list ]

Now that you have a clear idea about the series’s plot,it’s time to dive in and introduce all the Danganronpa Character, starting with V1 all the way down to V3 characters. We’ll also be including their full name, birth date, and also their Zodiac sign.

Danganronpa V1 characters: Trigger Happy Havoc Characters

Danganronpa V1 Characters name:V1 Characters Birthday:V1 Characters Zodiac sign:
Leon KuwataJanuary 3Capricorn
Makoto NaegiFebruary 5Aquarius
Touko FukawaMarch 3Pisces
Chihiro FujisakiMarch 14Pisces
Aoi AsahinaApril 24Taurus
Byakuya TogamiMay 5Taurus
Mondo OowadaJune 9Gemini
Sayaka MaizonoJuly 7Cancer
Yasuhiro HagakureJuly 25Leo
Kiyotaka IshimaruAugust 31Virgo
Sakura OogamiSeptember 13Virgo
Kyoko KirigiriOctober 6Libra
Celestia LudenbergNovember 23Sagittarius
Junko EnoshimaDecember 24Capricorn
Mukuro IkusabaDecember 24Capricorn
Hifumi YamadaDecember 31Capricorn

In Danganronpa V1, you play as Makoto Naegi, a high school student who has been invited to the prestigious private school Hope’s Peak Academy. While the rest of the school attendants are nothing short of geniuses and nerds, Makoto is but an average joe, who got admitted into the school by sheer luck.

In an effort to prove his worth, Makato arrives an hour earlier before the presentation is due, and somehow decides to take a nap in one of the nearby classrooms. Upon waking up, you’ll come to notice that all windows have been replaced with impassable meta plates and also a weird camera located right at the center of the room.

From here, the famous Plot that’s become the series trademark takes place. No spoilers, but things are about to get dark-ish, and also thrilling at the same time.

Danganronpa V2 characters: Goodbye Despair Characters

Danganronpa V2 Characters name:V2 Characters Birthday:V2 Characters Zodiac sign:
Hajime HinataJanuary 1Capricorn
Nekomaru NidaiFebruary 22Pisces
Hiyoko SaionjiMarch 9Pisces
Chiaki NanamiMarch 14Pisces
Mahiru KoizumiApril 24Taurus
Nagito KomaedaApril 28Taurus
Mikan TsumikiMay 12Taurus
Kazuichi SoudaJune 19Cancer
Peko PekoyamaJune 30Cancer
Akane Owari July 15Cancer
Fuyuhiko KuzuryuuAugust 16Leo
Teruteru HanamuraSeptember 2Virgo
Sonia NevermindOctober 13Libra
Ibuki MiodaNovember 27Sagittarius
Gundam TanakaDecember 14Sagittarius

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair revolves around sixteen students who, in some mysterious way, have appeared in the middle of an island paradise. While meeting each other, a magical rabbit named Usami appears next to them, explaining about the whole thing being just a school trip among said classmates, however, only after the classroom “scenario” collapses does the plug drop for everyone and nothing seems real.

Danganronpa V3 characters: Killing Harmony Characters

Danganronpa V3 Characters name:V3 Characters Birthday:V3 Characters Zodiac sign:
Tenko ChabashiraJanuary 9Capricorn
Gonta GokuharaJanuary 23Aquarius
Maki HarukawaFebruary 2Aquarius
Kaede AkamatsuMarch 26thAries
Angie YonagaApril 18Aries
Kirumi TojoMay 10Taurus
Ouma KokichiJune 21Gemini
Ryoma HoshiJuly 1Cancer
Korekiyo ShingujiJuly 31Leo
Tsumugi ShiroganeAugust 15Leo
Shuichi SaiharaSeptember 7Virgo
Rantarou AmamiOctober 3Libra
KiibouOctober 29Scorpio
Miu IrumaNovember 16Scorpio
Himiko YumenoDecember 3Sagittarius
Kaito MomotaDecember 4Sagittarius

Danganronpa V3 characters & Plot :

Killing Harmony carries this “v” in its name precisely to represent not the third title in the franchise, but a new version. The first two games had their direct sequel as the anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School. One could argue that V3 is somewhat a reboot of the series, and to be frank, it’s a pretty good one. One thing players enjoyed the most about Danganronpa V3 was the rehashing of the first game tension, where we have no clue as to what will happen.

This was the full list of all the available Danganronpa characters, verall this saga was brought up with a very well-constructed dialogue, a deep plot, and peculiar & unique characters.

As, a bonus for reaching the bottom of this guide, here is a video tutorial showcasing all the characters’ in-game Introductions Across the Danganronpa Series :

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