Nintendo Switch : a unique console T0 enjoy anywhere

Nintendo Switch a unique console To enjoy anywhere

Nintendo Switch has established itself within the video game world as a unique console

The famous Japanese company has managed to differentiate itself from the competition, as usual, with a different proposal that stands out for offering a large number of options and advantages for all types of public, combining the power of a desktop console in a machine designed to be used both outside and inside the home.

Because Switch is not simply a desktop console and thanks to this it has positioned itself as one of the most attractive options on the market.

In case you have not yet acquired a model from the Nintendo Switch family of consoles, we are going to review its most beneficial features and its extensive catalog.

Nintendo Switch Review: A desktop console with a laptop soul

The first and most important thing that should be highlighted, and for which this platform has reaped great success, has been for its dual function as a home and portable console.

The great thing about Nintendo Switch is that the player is given several game options. Do you want to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable session in your living room in front of the TV? You can do it. Do you prefer to play lying down from the bed, on the bus, or during a trip? The portable mode gives you that possibility. 

Nintendo Switch Review

But if you prefer a purely portable experience, do not forget the Nintendo Switch Lite, the fully portable version of the console that has an improved battery, a more compact size, and a 720p screen that, although it does not improve the resolution, looks sharper.

The best thing about the portable mode is that it leaves out practically no titles. 

It is possible to play works that were not originally intended to be enjoyed on a laptop, such as role-playing games like The Witcher 3 or Divinity 2 Original Sin, something that undoubtedly gives it an extra charm.

In addition, month after month, leading games and great sagas are launched on Nintendo Switch to take advantage of that outstanding portability. 

This option is used even more thanks to crossing, a function that allows you to save your game and continue it wherever you are,  even if they are games that you started on PC, like the two that we just mentioned.

The console’s catalog continues to grow, encompassing both the latest indie releases and ports of greatest hits.

As if that were not enough, in its repertoire we find an immense variety of exclusive titles that you will only be able to play on Nintendo Switch, many of which have garnered impressive sales and criticism figures. 

And to top it all, the catalog available on the Nintendo eShop covers all kinds of genres, prices, and formats. 

Nintendo Switch Exclusives – Globally Recognized Games

Speaking of exclusives, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend some of Nintendo’s best-known and most popular games. These games, only available on Switch, have grown their fame to unimaginable levels and boast a cache that’s hard to rival.



In this list, we could not leave out what is perhaps the most successful game of Nintendo Switch and the one that has been classified as one of the best games in history. 

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild is a fantastic tribute to the veteran saga and a practically perfect revision of it and the adventure genre.

Link’s latest original adventure presents us with a gigantic world in which the player is given complete freedom and where we will visit dream places beautifully represented by an impressive artistic design

Hundreds of secrets await us there, from the usual dungeons of the saga to more than a hundred small temples with challenges and puzzles of all kinds.


Another of Nintendo’s most popular sagas returned with  Super Mario Odyssey, the spiritual successor to one of the most beloved games in the series, Super Mario 64.

In Mario’s new adventure we explore a new conception of 3D platforms in which we see to the plumber like never before.

In this exclusive to Nintendo Switch, we will be able to fulfill the dreams of many Mario fans: to become the most classic creatures and enemies in the saga thanks to our cap,  an element that opens up endless possibilities and hilarious mechanics and makes us look with another Take a look at the cool levels (including a fun recreation of New York) that are unlocked before our eyes.


Animal Crossing New Horizons has become one of the sensations of this 2020 is undeniable. 

The first title of the saga on Nintendo Switch has swept sales and its success is more than justified. 

Creating our island and customizing it to our liking is a task that takes time, but it is very rewarding.

Endless possibilities await us in this game. We can visit other friends, travel to mysterious islands, catch all kinds of fish and critters that rotate every month, modify the terrain and enjoy a relaxed and peaceful environment on an island where there are no worries beyond paying the Mortgage good old Tom Nook. 

Oh, and not to miss any events, from fishing tournaments to World Nature Day, to mention a couple …


These are just a few of the most prominent Nintendo Switch exclusives, but there are many more. 

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have become two of the most award-winning editions, and if we don’t want to get out of that saga, the recent Pokémon Mystery World Rescue Team DX offers us a beautiful review of the mythical spin-offs we saw in Game Boy and Nintendo DS. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 brings us the best installment of this spooky saga; Splatoon 2 and its colorful shooter formula is deeply fun and colorful; Fire Emblem Three Houses shows all its quality in a long and wonderfully accomplished title; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe allows us to enjoy the most famous and addictive arcade driving on the market. 

As you can see, the list of exclusives is really extensive, and we miss out on a lot of games!

Hundreds of hours of gameplay available on Nintendo Switch

There is an immense number of titles on Nintendo Switch whose premise is based on offering the user as many hours of play as possible.

Many of the titles in the Nintendo hybrid console catalog feature great campaigns, game modes that expand the experience, and countless additions. Some have arrived relatively recently on the console or are about to do so and will be ideal if what you are looking for is a game with a significant duration:


If you are passionate about strategy games, you have surely heard of XCOM 2 . This title that puts us in front of a command that must end an alien invasion. This sequel to the award-winning title comes to Nintendo Switch with a bundle that incorporates an immense amount of content.

XCOM 2 Collection includes the base game, the War of the Chosen expansion, and four DLC packs with classes, cosmetics, additional missions, and more. XCOM 2 Collection is a game that will offer you dozens and dozens of hours of tactical entertainment while you plan your movements and strategies. Its difficulty will force you to be attentive at all times.


It is clear that the genre of strategy and simulation also wants to give the best of itself on Nintendo Switch. In this case,  Two Point Hospital allows us to have a good time (hours and hours) with the proposal that we saw years ago with Theme Hospital.

With this title, we will have to manage our hospital in the best possible way, while we make its possibilities increase and increase.

Two Point Hospital takes into account all kinds of details such as personnel management, treatment of patients, research, room extensions, and specialties, food, temperature, or hygiene. 

His excellent care and care in this, added to his great sense of humor, makes for an extraordinary management experience, in which there is no end.


Railway Empire will arrive on Nintendo Switch last June 19th with an edition full of additional content.

If you are still attracted to simulation and management, this game allows you to build your rail empire in the United States when the locomotive era was at its best.

A really extensive campaign is adding new content from Railway Empire on Switch, with territories like Mexico, The Great Lakes, and Crossing the Andes.

If trains are your passion, this game includes more than 40 locomotives and 30 wagons exactly to their original models, hundreds of technologies to invest in, and the possibility of competing with other companies.


If we talk about hours of play, we can not forget the role either. Nintendo Switch has many RPG titles that offer hours and hours through unique and epic adventures.

One of the most prominent is The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt since the title of the witcher allows us to play all its DLC and expansions on the Nintendo console.

We must also talk about  Dragon Quest XI S, a new chapter in the iconic saga that presents us with a 3D edition that we can also play in 2D mode, with new additional stories and of course, the possibility of enjoying it in portable mode.

Octopath Traveler is not far behind and we can not forget one of the great exclusives of the console, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and the imminent Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. 

Nintendo Switch : Enjoy your games anywhere

As we have already mentioned before, the great advantage of the Nintendo Switch is that it is designed to be played in portable mode, so you can take games that until now you could only enjoy at home.

Some of the great triple A’s that could be seen only with desktop console eyes are the ones that get the most profitability from this feature:


Bioshock The Collection arrived last May 29th to Nintendo Switch offering the best of this already legendary saga.

The first two remastered titles and Bioshock Infinite The Complete Edition come together to form the most complete edition. 

This acclaimed shooter will be able to be played on Switch for the first time, and thanks to the portable mode you will be able to enjoy their brilliantly constructed stories, which have already penetrated deep among millions of players.

If you have the Nintendo console and have not played Bioshock, you will not have a better chance than with this pack.


Speaking of incredible sagas and collections,  Borderlands Legendary Collection is another title that arrives on May 29 from 2K Games.

The pack includes Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, so the most hooligan hours of shooter are not going to be counted.


The heir to Fallout New Vegas can also be found on Nintendo Switch on June 5. 

The Obsidian Entertainment RPG has been very successful and now it will be possible to enjoy it anywhere thanks to the portability of the Nintendo console. 

Get ready to enjoy planetary visits, beings of all kinds, charismatic characters, and much more in this space adventure.

Other great titles with which you can take advantage of your travels can be Doom, whose return already captivated thousands of players in 2016; the post-apocalyptic Metro Redux, which includes two games in one; Wolfenstein Youngblood is not far behind either … In short, the Nintendo Switch catalog can be used anytime, anywhere.

Nintendo Switch : Indies Games

Indie games are one of the great bastions that cement the library of games that can be found in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

A great selection of independent court titles populate the console’s catalog and many of them are true masterpieces that everyone should try.


If you played this iconic 90s beat ’em up saga, Streets of Rage 4 is what you’re looking for. 

This title will make you remember those good times and that nostalgia that makes us miss the sessions of cakes and hits in this type of game.

Streets of Rage 4 is a wonderful return to the past that incorporates just the right additions (such as numerous unlockables, between characters and levels) to polish its nineties formula, but without losing an iota of the personality it gained in its day.


In this crazy title, we have to embody a goose, one of the most annoying birds in history. And what is our purpose? Annoy every neighbor we meet!

Untitled Goose Game is a game that could be considered silly, but from its surrealism, a charismatic and irreverent proposal is born that will immediately hook you. An example of how games can show us new avenues of entertainment.


As we have said, the number of indie titles that can be found on Switch is overwhelming. 

The list of Nintendo Switch games to give a try is almost endless: Axiom Verge, Ape Out, Baba is You, Bastion, Blasphemous, Cadence of Hyrule, Celeste, Cuphead, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon, Firewatch, Golf Story, Gone Home, Gris, Inside, Hollow Knight, Hotline Miami Collection, Katana Zero, Minit, Ori, and the Blind Forest, Overcooked 2, Pikuniku, Snipperclips, Stardew Valley, Thimbleweed Park, Undertale, What Remains of Edith Finch, Wandersong …

When you get a console, you always think about the catalog of games you have. The hundreds of titles that are available for Nintendo Switch are designed for all types of audiences, tastes, colors and to make the most of the advantages it offers. Of course, thanks to the new releases that are arriving and the titles that are already available, Nintendo Switch is irresistible if you have not yet acquired it.

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