BloodRayne 1 & 2 PC Remasters Coming Later This Novembre

both games Free if you had the originals on Steam or GOG.

we’ve got some juicy gaming news today ,Bloodrayne 1 and Bloodrayne 2 PC remasters will hit PC on November 20.

The developers of Terminal Reality have improved in these new versions the lighting, shadows, reflections, water, fog and textures, they have added rescaled cinematics and pad compatibility and will, of course, allow playing at 4K resolution.

And most importantly for users: BloodRayne: Terminal Cut and BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut, which is the name they will have, will be added for free to the Steam and / or GOG library of those who own the originals.

The first Bloodrayne, an action adventure starring a vampire named Rayne, was released in 2002.

The sequel arrived a couple of years later, and the franchise was also brought to the big screen in an unstoppable film trilogy perpetrated by the ineffable Uwe. Boll.

joingames is pretty excited for these upcoming BloodRayne 1 & 2 PC Remasters , what about you ?