Gears 5 on Xbox Series X: This is how your graphics, resolution and fluidity improve

Gears of War 5 will be one of the new games the Xbox Game Studios games optimized for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from the launch day of the new Microsoft consoles,

The developers of The Coalition have increased the framerate in multiplayer and in the campaign compared to the Xbox One edition, they have improved the resolution and added graphic effects, some coming from the PC version and others totally new

In terms of resolution, the title will continue to use the dynamic resolution as it did on Xbox One X. The goal is 4K (3840 x 2160), which appears in the least convulsive situations, but the average is 1728p. The minimum is 1080p, but the game is rarely displayed at that resolution, especially when compared to Xbox One X.

The Xbox Series S version, according to The Coalition, targets 1440p with the same framerate target as the Xbox Series X, so the resolution should range between that of the Xbox One and that of the Xbox One X. present in the PC game is the Variable Rate Shading, which allows reducing the resolution of specific areas of the screen in the roughest situations without reducing the overall resolution or performance.

Continuing with the graphic detail, the title is shown in a similar way to the PC with all the settings in Ultra and the reflections on the surfaces have been improved, “increasing the quality and the number of surfaces that use the effect”, they say from Digital Foundry. 

The big plus is the overall lighting of the screen space. It is not ray tracing, as it is a software technique that does not use the hardware dedicated to RT, but the result is somewhat similar, offering more realistic shadows in dark spaces. Also, there is ambient occlusion.

To conclude with the purely visual improvements, the technique used in Gears 5 to add depth to two-dimensional textures has been improved. 

The developers at The Coalition have spent months giving more details to each level of the game.

60 fps gameplay & epic cinematic scenes

Performance-wise, Gears 5 performs better on Xbox Series X than it does on other consoles. The load times were reduced exponentially: load a level, which could take 45 seconds to Xbox One X, the new console takes less than ten seconds.

By the way, the Xbox Speed ​​Architecture is not used, but the reduction in waiting is due only to the speed of the SSD.

Regarding the framerate, the game runs at 60 frames per second in the campaign much more stable than on Xbox One X, although there is still the occasional drop. As was the case on the PC version, the cinematic scenes have also been adapted to 60 fps, while on Xbox One X they were at 30 fps. 

The multiplayer runs at 120 fps stable on compatible televisions and monitors. They also highlight that the latency reduction in the controls is very noticeable.

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