Minecraft Color Codes October 2022 [Java & Bedrock Editions]

Looking for the full list of all Minecraft color codes? Well, look no further. Colors codes are a fun way to express yourself in Minecraft. You can use them to give your base or home a unique look, or you can use them to create an entire world around you that is uniquely yours.

Furthermore, these color codes are compatible with all editions of Minecraft, including the Java and Bedrock editions. Each color has its own meaning and can be combined with other colors to create new ones.

However, the color codes list ain’t short, and also most new players get confused when it comes to implementing them into their game.

That’s why today on Joingames, We did most of the leg work on your behalf and gathered all the available Minecraft color codes in one easy-to-access list.

Also, new color codes are being introduced with every game patch and update, so make sure to bookmark this page and revisit us after each update to be the first to learn about all the new color codes.

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How to Use Minecraft Color Codes?

When it comes to implementing color codes into their gameplay, most Minecraft players get stuck on one tiny but tricky part, which is figuring out the right way to use the § symbol.

The best way to handle this issue is by simply copying and pasting the § symbol, you can save it in a Notepad and place it on your desktop, this way you can use it anytime you wish with not much of a hassle.

So now that you know how to deal with the § symbol part, here is how to correctly use color codes in Minecraft:

  • Find the color code of the item you want in your inventory.
  • Copy and paste the code into the Minecraft chat box (or text field).
  • Click on “Apply” to use the color code on an item in your inventory.

Minecraft Color Codes List October 2022

Here are all the available Minecraft color codes as of the latest update:

Color NameChat Color CodesMOTD Color CodesHex Color CodesDescription
Dark Aqua§3\u00A73#00AAAAdark_aqua
Dark Blue§1\u00A71#0000AAdark_blue
Dark Green§2\u00A72#00AA00dark_green
Light Purple§d\u00A7d#FF55FFlight_purple
Dark Red§4\u00A74#AA0000dark_red
Dark Gray§8\u00A78#555555dark_gray
Dark Purple§5\u00A75#AA00AAdark_purple
Table of Minecraft Color Codes

another aspect of color in Minecraft is the formatting, which can be confusing at first. Below, you can learn about all the Minecraft code formatting, this is essential if you wanna be using colors on a regular basis.

Formatting DescriptionChat Formatting CodesMOTD Formatting Codes
Minecraft color codes formatting chart

And there you have it every available color Minecraft code is at your command, unleash your creativity and bring out the Picasso within you and splash nonstop. Also, why not leave a comment below sharing with us your favorite color in Minecraft, we’re curious!

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