Ubisoft delays Massive Entertainment’s Avatar game until 2022

The Avatar game developed by the creators of The Division is delayed until 2022 to coincide with the premiere of the new James Cameron film.

Ubisoft’s Avatar game wo n’t be released until 2022 . The French firm has announced in a recent meeting with shareholders, according to JoinGames, that the premiere is postponed to coincide with the arrival of Avatar 2 in theaters in December of that year . 

The title is being developed by Massive Entertainment , the creators of The Division , together with director James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment studio and with the support of Fox Interactive.

The adventure that will take players to Pandora is in addition to two other recent delays from Ubisoft. On the one hand, Far Cry 6 , which was planned for February 18 and will finally be released after the close of this fiscal year, that is, after March 2021.

On the other hand, Rainbow Six Quarantine , the cooperative shooter with dyes of terror; this one did not have a set release date, but is also left for the next fiscal year.

Massive Entertainment’s Avatar game will use the Snowdrop engine

Massive Entertainment’s new game was announced in 2017 under the name The Avatar Project . The title will use the same graphics engine as The Division , Snowdrop , if plans have not changed in the last three years where secrecy has surrounded this video game. The creators anticipated “ultra-realistic settings with dynamic global lighting , impressive real-time destruction capabilities, and incredible detail and visual effects.”

When this title was announced, it was assumed that it would be published for PC, PS4 and Xbox One , although Ubisoft did not specify platforms . Now, with the new release date set for 2022, it remains to be seen if it will launch on current consoles or if it will go to next-gen systems, Xbox Series X / S and PS5.